Oct 18, 2016

30 Family-Friendly Halloween Movies | My Favorites & What's on Netflix

Still not feeling the Halloween spirit? I grew up in Florida, so I know when it's still 90 degrees outside and people are going to the beach, it's kind of hard to feel fallish. One of my favorite ways to get into the spirit is by watching Halloween-themed movies with my girls. I've put together a list of our favorites, as well as everything that's available on Netflix right now!

Our Favorites


Hocus Pocus

Double Double Toil and Trouble 


Hotel Transylvania 

Monster House


It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown


The Nightmare Before Christmas

On Netflix (2016)

House of Villains

Hotel Transylvania 2

The Addams Family

Spooky Buddies

Room on the Broom

Math Squad

Magic Puppy

Girl vs. Monster

Dreamworks Spooky Stories

Dreamworks Spooky Stories Vol 2

Curious George- A Halloween Boofest

Children’s’ Favorites- Halloween Treats

Vampire Dog

Alvin and the Chipmunks - Meet the Wolfman

The Corpse Bride

Dear Dracula

Alpha and Omega - The Legend of the Saw Tooth Cave

R.L. Stines - Monsterville 


Monster High- Ghouls Rule

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