Jul 27, 2017

Grove Collaborative | Is it right for you?

I came across Grove Co. from a Facebook ad, surprisingly. It's probably because I'm guilty of looking up Mrs. Meyers products. I decided to look into it and after going back and forth for 2 days I finally placed my first order.

Grove Co. is a monthly subscription box for eco friendly cleaning supplies that allows you to choose what is in your order and how frequently it arrives.

I think the eco friendly products are great, but if I'm being honest what really caught my eye was the free, yes free, Mrs. Meyers products on my first purchase. The products I got were :
  • Mrs. Meyers hand soap
  • Mrs. Meyers dish soap
  • Grove kitchen towel 
  • Full Circle dish brush
  • Walnut scrubber sponges
I was actually supposed to get other stuff but my offer expired because I waited too long, but I'm still totally happy with what I got. Just make sure not to let your offer run out! The original offer is $20 of products and you only spend about $20 (depending on what you choose). This offer gives you 60 days VIP trial membership which means 2 months of free shipping. 

If you decide to purchase the VIP package it's about $40-$80 a year depending on if you have coupon codes and such. This gets you free shipping all year and that pays for itself after 2 months!

The packaging was nice, nothing crazy but it got the job done. It took a little while to ship, but I got it within a week and half.


So, after your first month Grove will send you a few emails to remind you of your next shipment, which will bill and ship automatically. You can log into your account and edit the products you want and don't want. You can even put a month on hold if you're good on all your products and don't need anything. 

Another thing to mention is Grove offers a price match guarantee, just in case you find a product cheaper somewhere else. Chances are you won't though, because their prices are great and they tell you how much you save. So bottom line, if these are products you already use this is definitely a great deal for the year! If you are trying to get out cheaper you can do the 2 month trial, spend about $40 and then cancel your membership! Try Grove, you won't regret it. 

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