Mar 23, 2018

The BEST Harry Potter Birthday Party!

My daughter turned 10 years old. 10! I have a 10 year old. 
It sounds so crazy to say that, because it seems like just yesterday she was learning to walk and blowing kisses. She is now an avid reader and recently got in the Harry Potter world. Making Mama proud! Of course she wanted a Harry Potter Birthday party, so I made it happen. I want to share with you some of the fun things I made so you can have a party fit for a wizard!

Shirt and hair bow from That's So Presh

Platform 9 3/4 I made from one long sheet of wrapping paper (flipped over), a plain dishwashing sponge, and some paint! I used the sponge to "stamp" the brick design and I printer the platform sign off Google and just glued it on. Really cute for pictures!

This was the spots for gifts. Tablecloth is from Walmart and I made the sign with my Silhouette Cameo. 

Drink was "Polyjuice Potion" (green punch recipe found on Pinterest) and Muggle Water 
Sign was made by me and props for photos are from Walmart.

This was the fun part!
The potions are made from a spaghetti sauce jar, a Christmas ornament, and a candy dish. Taped the labels on and filled them with colored water.
Pirouettes are the wands, then I have lemon drops, gummy worms and jelly beans. The 'brooms' are tiny reeses cups, a dot of icing and a pretzel stick. Each girl got a bag to fill with candy and they all got a HP tattoo.

The sorting hats are ice cream cones with fudge cookies glued to the bottom with icing. I put the icing in a piping bag and drew the faces on. The fun pasrt is that inside the hats are colored m&m's that tell which house you are in - just like the real sorting hat! The girls loved it and it was all edible.

The wands I made with wooden dowels and hot glue. You just paint the hot glue on with a hot glue gun, let it dry and then paint it. All I had was gold, but you could use brown or even a stain. I like how these came out and the girls loved to play with them and take pictures.

In addition to the candy and cupcakes, I also ordered pizzas. You can't go wrong with that!

The backdrop was just black streamers and I got the '10' balloons from Walmart among with the HP signs that came in a party kit.

Needless to say it was a great time! Everything was pretty easy to make, just give yourself enough time so you aren't rushing.

Feb 8, 2018

Your Perfect Foundation Match!

WHAT COLOR DO I ORDER?! This is such a common question and it is even one that I asked myself. I will be the first to admit that purchasing cosmetics online before you can try the color is a little scary for some. But, there are more and more companies going the online route (Kylie Cosmetics). Luckily there are a lot of tips that can help you find the shade that is right for you if you have not been able to try out our shades yet. You can take the color matching quiz at the bottom of the page!

First, let's talk about which type of foundation will work best for your skin type and what you're looking for then we will get into the shade.

Touch Mineral Powder Foundation:

Polish off your complexion with this ultra-fine, long-wearing, breathable foundation powder with a beautiful, touchable, even finish.

Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation:
This smooth foundation goes on liquid and dries to a soft, powdery finish while optical diffusers blur imperfections and minimize wrinkles and pores. No touch-ups necessary. Known by many as "Photoshop in a bottle" 

BB Flawless Completion Enhancer:

Accept nothing less than a flawless finish. You'll find it in lightweight, creamy BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer and moisturizer, which also makes a perfect base for our powder concealers.

Touch Cream Foundation:

Enhance your natural radiance with the soft finish it deserves. This supple, lightweight cream foundation melts right in, while providing the ultimate in coverage.

How do I know what under tones I have??

Yellow Undertones: You tan easily and the veins in your arm are more warm (green)
Pink Undertones: You burn early and the veins in your arm are more cool (blue)
Neutral Undertones: If you have a mix of both from above you are probably neutral.

You can also see a more close up version of the before and afters along with their colors here.

Take the Younique Color Match Quiz and FIND YOUR SHADE!

Jan 20, 2018

How to Apply Eyeshadow for your Eye Shape

I have always loves eye makeup. It's amazing to see the various ways you can make your eyes standout to give you a completely different look. I would alway watch Youtube videos and different tutorials and when I would try to replicate them it never looked right! It was super frustrating because I was doing exactly what they did with the same products, but my eyes looked blah. It's because I wasn't tailoring the look to my eye shape! I'm embarrassed it took me that long to figure out, really. 

I have hooded eyes on the outside of my eyes, so my crease pretty much disappears. To fix this I have to bring all of my look up above my natural crease so that it can me seen. Ohhhh, duh. 

Now let's figure out what your eye shape is...

and if you need a better visual...

 Here are some tips on how to apply eyeshadow with your eye shape.

If you like to finish off with winged liner, here are some tips for that too., pub-2582365856136288, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0