Jan 20, 2018

How to Apply Eyeshadow for your Eye Shape

I have always loves eye makeup. It's amazing to see the various ways you can make your eyes standout to give you a completely different look. I would alway watch Youtube videos and different tutorials and when I would try to replicate them it never looked right! It was super frustrating because I was doing exactly what they did with the same products, but my eyes looked blah. It's because I wasn't tailoring the look to my eye shape! I'm embarrassed it took me that long to figure out, really. 

I have hooded eyes on the outside of my eyes, so my crease pretty much disappears. To fix this I have to bring all of my look up above my natural crease so that it can me seen. Ohhhh, duh. 

Now let's figure out what your eye shape is...

and if you need a better visual...

 Here are some tips on how to apply eyeshadow with your eye shape.

If you like to finish off with winged liner, here are some tips for that too. 

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