Feb 8, 2018

Your Perfect Foundation Match!

WHAT COLOR DO I ORDER?! This is such a common question and it is even one that I asked myself. I will be the first to admit that purchasing cosmetics online before you can try the color is a little scary for some. But, there are more and more companies going the online route (Kylie Cosmetics). Luckily there are a lot of tips that can help you find the shade that is right for you if you have not been able to try out our shades yet. You can take the color matching quiz at the bottom of the page!

First, let's talk about which type of foundation will work best for your skin type and what you're looking for then we will get into the shade.

Touch Mineral Powder Foundation:

Polish off your complexion with this ultra-fine, long-wearing, breathable foundation powder with a beautiful, touchable, even finish.

Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation:
This smooth foundation goes on liquid and dries to a soft, powdery finish while optical diffusers blur imperfections and minimize wrinkles and pores. No touch-ups necessary. Known by many as "Photoshop in a bottle" 

BB Flawless Completion Enhancer:

Accept nothing less than a flawless finish. You'll find it in lightweight, creamy BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer and moisturizer, which also makes a perfect base for our powder concealers.

Touch Cream Foundation:

Enhance your natural radiance with the soft finish it deserves. This supple, lightweight cream foundation melts right in, while providing the ultimate in coverage.

How do I know what under tones I have??

Yellow Undertones: You tan easily and the veins in your arm are more warm (green)
Pink Undertones: You burn early and the veins in your arm are more cool (blue)
Neutral Undertones: If you have a mix of both from above you are probably neutral.

You can also see a more close up version of the before and afters along with their colors here.

Take the Younique Color Match Quiz and FIND YOUR SHADE!

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