Sep 29, 2016

Easy DIY Afterschool Checklist with FREE printable!

Am I the only one who asks their child if the have done A, B and C right before they are about to go to bed? It's a bad habit that I have because I am going through my mental checklist of the 95,000 things that I have to do, remember and buy.

I am not the only one, right??

I made this checklist for my daughter and put it in her room, so that she has a list of things that she knows she is expected to have completed before bed. 

It's a fun way to teach responsibility and get into a routine and it takes a few things off your mega to-do list. I am sharing my super easy way I made this, as well as the free printable.
Download your free printable here!

What you will need:
* 1 8x10 picture frame
* A printer
*Dry erase markers


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Once you print it out, you will probably have to trim it a little, then just pop it in the frame! You can use any type of dry erase markers and they easily wipe off. You can hang this on the wall near where your child does their homework or in their room. After they complete all of the tasks for that day, they mark out the day of the week, so they know they're on track! Fun, easy, cheap and helps with organization--that is a win, win in the Mom world!

I purchased these 3 pack of dry erase markers that already have tiny erasers on them for Dollar Tree. I got the frame from there too, so that was a whopping $2! When I showed my daughter, she absolutely loved it. Now, she can't wait to show off what she has done and how many check marks she has. I hope you enjoy!!

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