Nov 12, 2016

21 Day Fix Journal | Days 11-21

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Day 11 11/11

Today was such a lazy day. I was so exhausted for some reason and all I wanted to do was take a nap. I laid on the couch while my daughter watched Paw Patrol and ate her apple. It was 2pm and I have to get my other daughter off the school bus at 3:30. Well, I did one of those fall asleep and scare the crap out of yourself things. I jolted awake because I dreamed it was 5pm and I had forgot to get her off the bus ( I was also late for work). In reality it was 2:07 :) WHEW! I did still get my workout in before this whole incident. It was plyo day, so that kicked my butt. One thing I'm proud of, is that I have been drinking my coffee with coconut milk and stevia. I actually really like it! I was scared to death of the coconut milk, but it makes it sweeter and I could totally keep using it. 

Day 16 11/16

It's my last week! It is suggested that I start the 2 a days as far as workouts which I am going to try to do. I had my weigh in the other day. I took my measurements, everything was the same except my stomach went down 1 in, so that's a plus :) The diet is most definitely a major struggle and I can't say I have followed it perfectly, but I have made far better choices and used the portion control containers. I'm sure more success would come with doing it the right way, buuuuttt I have just not been able to like I thought. I have not missed a workout day and see progress in my workouts. Doing something is better than doing nothing, right?

Day 19 11/19

Well, one of our friend's came in to visit us for a few days. He was with me all day while my husband was at work, so there was no time or place for me to workout. GRRR. I have been eating really well though! Yesterday I had turkey bacon and whole wheat toast for breakfast and for dinner I seasoned some chicken Italian style and threw it in the crockpot with some cauliflower. I had the same thing today as leftovers so I didn't have to cook, because who likes that? Yesterday I was able to do upper & abs because our friend left and ran to the store lol. I threw my clothes on and got those workouts in. Really it's like I only missed one day because yoga was Wed and that isn't a calorie torcher. Today I did abs and plyo and I'm making up my dirty 30 tomorrow. Looking forward to my weigh in!!

Day 20 11/20

For today's workout I did Dirty 30 & some arm exercises on my own. I did god with my eating again too, just had coffee for breakfast and for lunch a had turkey lunch meat and a string cheese. Dinner was shredded chicken in a ww tortilla wrap with lettuce and cheese. Still trying to drink more water than usual but I struggle with that! I can notice a difference with some of my workouts, like nt having to modify or using a heavier weight, so that's exciting. Since I basically stopped the diet and just stuck to the workouts I know I can keep up the workouts. I don't recommend not doing the diet, they do go hand in hand and I'm sure I would have got even better results sticking to the diet but it wasn't for me. Too expensive and time consuming in MY opinion. I'm sure some people love it and I do agree that the containers are great for portion control because most of us eat way more than we should, even if we think it's "healthy". Tomorrow is the last day of this round, but I'm sure there is more to come :)

Day 21 11/21--whoop whoop!

Well, today is the day! Today is the last day of my first round of 21day fix extreme. Here is my review and feelings about the program:

The exercises: I really like the exercises. They are all only 30min long but that is NOT saying that they aren't difficult. Some of the exercises I had to start off modifying. I feel like you still get plenty of the burn with modifying, so don't worry about that! There's even someone in each video who modifies. On the flip side, there are exercises I have been able to increase my weight with (from 5lbs to 10lbs) The abs video is only 10min long and that's not hard to add on to your workout or even complete at a different part of the day. The exercises are great and don't leave you bored (plus once I have watched and listened one time I just put on my headphones and jam out)

The diet: The diet was obviously difficult for me. It requires a lot of preparation and in my opinion it is expensive. Not to say that's it isn't doable because I'm sure it is if this is something you are committed to and willing to put in the work for. I slacked off and stopped doing the diet. If not, I'm sure I would have seen even better results, but you get what you put in right?

Here are my "willing to share" pictures :)

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