Dec 24, 2016

Christmas Decor House Tour

I absolutely love decorating for Christmas! I have accumulated a lot of décor over the years from different places. A majority of thing I have I get on sale the week after Christmas, then I put it away with my normal décor and it's like opening a gift the next year because I never remember what I got. Right now I have 9 large tubs full of décor. I have a zip bag for wrap as well as one of those stand up tubs. One of my tubs is a keepsake box where I have all the handmade ornaments, Christmas projects from school, old stockings and anything sentimental. It has taken me a few years to realize I don't have to put out every single thing that I have. I try to make it more put together and not just throw everything out-but like I said that has taken a few years :)

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This little set up is just right by my TV because there is a big open spot there and I wanted to fill it. The red tinsel tree is from Target and folds down flat, so I really like it. The window is normally in a different spot, but I just put it there with the little garland.

This is my TV stand. Santa is from IKEA, the FA LA LA and garland are Target and the candle is from Hobby Lobby.

Normally my hubby insists on having a real tree, but I just do not like them! Sorry to be the Grinch but it is too messy and annoying. This year I begged him for a fake one and we purchased this 6.5ft from Wal Mart.

My ornaments are from different places and collected over the years. The "C" is from Hobby Lobby and I painted it red, I think it adds a cute touch. I made the bow this year with some ribbon I got from Michaels. The sprigs coming out are from Kirklands, I got them last year and I love them. The swirls are on wires so they can be adjusted.

The red bead garland is from Target, but I only have 2 strands so that can only be seen from the front--thankfully it's in a corner haha.

I really love throw pillows, but our couch is so small. I like these size because it's not overpowering and you can still sit down without them being in the way. The jingle pillow I just got this year from Michaels--only 1 of the 3 bells on it have survived. The other 3 pillows my Grandma gave me. The little tray on the coffee table is a serving tray from Hobby Lobby. I have several of these in different patterns, you can use them for anything. Gotta have my Bath and Body Works candle too.                                                    

This is when you walk in my front door. I made the Elf sign with my Cameo, the frame is just from Dollar Tree (SCORE!) The table runner is my favorite! I got this from Home Goods last year and couldn't wait to use it. The Merry Christmas frame we got for free with our Santa picture at Bass Pro Shop. Super cute!

It looks like my flash made Santa disappear, but you get it haha. I got that picture from Hobby Lobby as well as the vases on the corner and the round candle. The stockings are actually from Dollar Tree and I added our names with my Cameo (in glitter, of course). The stocking holders are from Target.

Super obsessed with gingerbread men, it my favorite thing! This is when you enter the front door. The Christmas books in the basket are for the girl's to read during the month. Sometimes they get a blanket and sit under the little tree, it's so cute. The "C" ornament is from Kirklands.  

I like the simplicity of this. Sometimes for my centerpiece I like to do a candy car and some candles, but I liked the flowers this time. The chargers are from Dollar Tree. The runner and banner are from Target and the "C" is from Kirklands.

Dec 22, 2016

Emoji Birthday Party!

Birthday parties. They used to be fairly simple- colored plates, a cake, minimal décor if you were lucky. Now everything is themed, and I mean EVERYTHING. Under the sea party with fish crackers, Doc McStuffins party with boo-boo wafers and even carrots that are supposed to be Olaf's nose...Now as much as I was to say "Ain't nobody got time for that", I do love some of the creative ideas that people come up with for their children's birthdays and special events. So, when my daughter requested an Emoji party for her 9th birthday - I wanted to share what I can up with....

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We had already decided on a party at our house because:

  1. Her birthday is right before Christmas and everyone is always out of town.
  2. You don't have a minimum of people you can invite like when you reserve somewhere.
So first is the invites and I looked around on Etsy for a little while before deciding I would just make them myself with my good friend PicMonkey. Here are the results:

I liked them a lot and I even had 2 Moms ask where I got them from. I had them printed on photo paper at WalMart for 47 cents a piece. Can't beat that!

I had a huge piece of cardboard that I had been saving for a just in case moment. I used a box cutter to cut out the center and decorated it with vinyl from I cut from my cameo and cut out emojis from the packaging of some of the decorations.

The photobooth decorations I got from Wal Mart, except for the photobomb one, I made that one out of cardboard and a paper straw. I also got glowstick bracelets (because who doesn't like glow sticks), and stuck them in one of those square foam block used for flowers.

The straws are from Dollar Tree and I made the little flags with washi tape. They are inside a pickle jar that I wrapped in duct tape (bought from Dollar Tree) and that's washi tape around the center.

The Emoji decorating kit  added a cute touch because The banner was a great size and the "centerpieces" I could but on different tables.

The pink punch I made was:
1/2 gallon raspberry sherbert
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon lime juice
2 liters of Sprite or any lemon lime soda

I did plain icing on the cupcakes and let the girls decorate them with various sprinkles and gel tubes. They had a good time doing that and came up with some cute ideas!

We had pizza along with the cupcakes and punch, that's always easy and a good crowd pleaser. The other thing we did for fun is sing karaoke. My daughter already had a machine and we just played music off YouTube on the family computer.

A lot of fun and didn't spend a ton of money :)

Kid-Friendly DIY Christmas Ornaments

I'm always trying to find cute crafts we can do at home before Christmas. Making ornaments is cute, cheap and you can also gift them to family member and neighbors. Here are some that I did with things we already had around the house. 

Ribbon Trees

For the first ornament I just used some twigs I found outside and ribbon I had from last year. The twine is what I used to make the loop at the en, but and kind of string, yarn rope or even wire would work. 

All you do is put the string and tie it on the stick--seriously, that's all! I tried to do it longer on the bottom and shorter on the top, but it gets hard to tie. On the second one I didn't worry about the length and I just trimmed them with scissors after they were tied on. 
If you wanted to add something extra you could use spray glitter, or glue a homemade star at the top. 

I did this one with my 8 year old. The only difficult part was tieing some of the pieces that I cut too short :)

Popcicle Stick Ornaments

I used hot glue on these to make sure they stayed together, but you can use regular Elmer's glue too, it's up to you! The possabilites are endless, but this is what we came up with. You can decorate them with sequins, buttons, tissue paper, rhinestones, paint, stickers...ect

Button Wreath

Buttons and pipecleaners, it doesn't get easier than this. Just thread the buttons on the pipecleaner and twist off when you get to the end. Use ribbon, yarn or twine so you can hang it on your tree. 

Here is our finished ornaments! Pretty cute if I do say so myself.

Dec 10, 2016

Christmas Crack | Ritz Cracker Toffee

Y'ALL!!! I am SO excited to share this recipe! I had never heard of this before but I am a believer now! I don't really like a lot of sweet stuff but this recipe is so, SO good. 

I saw this recipe, believe it or not, on one of those crazy Facebook videos that everyone is always sharing. I saved it because it looked easy to make and I thought I could wrap some up to give to my neighbors. Make 2 batches because you will want to eat it ALL! :)

These are the ingredients I used, nothing fancy! My Uncle gave me some pecans from his tree when I visited for Thanksgiving. I was excited to get them home and shell them so I could use them in a recipe. Well, it turns out shelling pecans is one of the hardest things you will ever do! I kept trying to figure out the "trick" to it. Turns out, it's just awful either way and now I know why they cost so much in the store. It's a miracle if you get a whole one without breaking it! 


  • 3 sleeves of Ritz crackers
  • 1 cup of butter
  • 1 cup of brown sugar 
  • 2 cups of semi sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 cup chopped pecans

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Line cookie sheet with foil and spray with non stick cooking spray. Line with crackers. Try not to overlap them, but if they do a little it's ok. 

Next, in a medium sauce pan, bring the butter and brown sugar to a boil on medium heat. Do not stir. Let boil for 3 minutes. 


Remove from heat and pour evenly over the crackers. If they are not all completely covered, that's ok it will spread. Just try to cover them all as best as possible. 
Bake for 5 minutes.

Pull them out of the oven (BE CAREFUL!) pour on the chocolate chips and spread evenly over the crackers. Then top with pecans an let cool for 5 min. 

Place in the freezer and let it harden for 1 hour. 

When you pull it out, just break it into uneven "bark" pieces. This looks so cute in packages! I put some of mine in little cookie boxes, some in Christmas tins and the rest in little treat bags. 

*My husband doesn't like nuts so I made some with no nuts and it was still just as delicious! You can leave out the nuts for some who do not like them or have an allergy. I'm sure it would taste good with almonds or cashews, as well. 


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Dec 2, 2016

Plan With Me | Christmas Week 1

You know where I spend a majority of my money? The damn Target dollar spot that's in your face right when you walk in. $3 vase? I don't need one, but that's a good deal. Thank you cards? Probably should get 5 boxes of those. Sheesh, Target every time.

The good thing is that I can get the cutest planner supplies there! This year, as usual I tried to stock up as soon as the Christmas stuff came out. I got some cute supplies that I will be using in this plane with me as well as some stuff I already had.

The washi tape and the stickers were only $1 and the scrapbook paper pad was $3. The small Hallmark stickers you see in the front (that says ho ho ho) I purchased from Walmart last year when they were like 80% off. I will be using these for my December plan pages, but for today's I only used one of the washi tapes and some stickers from last years haul. Stay tuned to see what I do wit the rest!

The planner sticker sheet that used I found on Pinterest. Just a simple print and cut, nothing fancy. You can also get the stickers here.

Looking for a cute way to store your washi tapes, pens & markers??


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I cut paper from the scrapbook sheets and glues that to the side bar and then added the Goals and To-do stickers. I never cover up my days or dates, because I like to see them. Definitely up to you, a lot of people cover them for more decoration. At the bottom it's red washi tape that I split the ends on and added the Christmas tree stickers on top. I got those from target too, it looked like washi tape, but the trees come off the transparent background. 

The bottom left corner I made a list to remind my self of all the packages I should be receiving this week from all my Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping. I feel bad for my poor post office lady, I definitely need to get her something too haha.

Week one done! I always add more as the week progresses, so this is all I know about ahead of time :)
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