Jan 31, 2017

DIY Checklist Dashboards | Happy Planner

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Just thought I would make this post as a part 2 to my DIY planner cover. I am finding a lot of new uses with this Scotch Thermal Laminator that I just recently took out of the box after having it for a good 6 months.

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For this project I used my ,pictured below. It really has a ton of uses and highly recommend it. It's small and can easily be stored if you're not using it all the time. You can purchase extra laminating pouches here

Using the same scrapbook paper, from my previous post, I cut the paper to the size of my planner and used a glue stick to paste on these cut outs that also came in the scrapbook paper-so useful!

I didn't want to do anything too elaborate, just simple and in coordinating colors. Also, if your make it too thick it won't laminate properly. I just happened to have this page of cut outs in my paper pack, but foiled stickers would look great too. Washi tape could be used to add lines or dividers, as well. 

When I liked what I had I used my corner rounder to round the corners of the dashboards. I like the way it looks, I use this thing all of the time!

I cut the holes for them to fit in the binder the same way I did for my planner cover. Just take an existing page or cover for your planner, place it on top and make little dots where your hole punch will go. Then, you snip the middle and it should fit perfectly in your planner!

Now they are ready to but in the laminating pouches. Be sure to leave enough room on either side and in the middle so they don't come apart when your cut them!

Run them through the laminator. I always do it twice, just for good measure :)

Cut and enjoy! So customizable and below I showed you some ways I use mine. You could also do some for menus, outfits, workouts, pretty much ANYTHING goes!

You can use a skinny dry erase marker on them, page tabs for quick reminders or post it notes :)

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Jan 29, 2017

Make your Mornings Easier with These Simple Tricks

I feel like I used to be a morning person, that is until my kids came a long. Come to think of it, that was so long ago, maybe I never really was a morning person, ha! One thing is for sure-I'm big on planning, lists and getting anything you can done earlier than needed.

Mornings can be hard, for Mom's it's even harder. You have to wake everyone up, clothe them, feed them, make sure they have everything they need and possibly get yourself ready too. Oh, and make sure you're out the door on time. Ummm, that just sounds exhausting-right? Here are some things I do to make our mornings as easy as they can be.


Do whatever you can the night before

This just saves a lot of extra running around in the morning that can easily be avoided. Then you aren't scrambling to remember all the little details because it's already done. Taking anything off the morning to-do list is a lifesaver.

Before you go to bed

  • Check homework
  • Sign anything/have money or notes ready to turn in to teachers 
  • Pack backpacks
  • Lay out kids clothes/shoes/jackets
  • Make lunches (things can be added in the morning, like chips or crackers)
  • Pick up around the house (I don't want to be tripping on last nights mess)
  • Wash the dishes (NO ONE likes waking up to dirty dishes)

Have a routine for the kids

Kids like routine. It might not seem like it, but it just helps the flow of things. Wake up. Breakfast. Get ready. Whatever works well with your family. That way they now what's going on and what to expect everyday.

Give yourself some time

This may mean waking up earlier-yuck! Depending on what you have to do, an extra 15min can help wonders. This gives me time to brush my teeth, but on my face cream, take my vitamins and throw on some clothes. If you work away from the home, I'm sure you already get up at a time that allows you to get ready. Having a little peace and quite will give you time to wake up and not be in a grumpy mood. Remember your coffee!

Set a time to leave by

This is so important. Leave by the same time everyday and make sure that time still allows room for traffic, weather..ect. I always leave the house at 7:50 and now that 8:00 is the latest I can leave by. The worst feeling is rushing around and still being late. Lord knows I don't want to get out of the car in the morning to walk my daughter inside because she is tardy; thankfully that has not happened knock on wood.

Jan 27, 2017

DIY Planner Cover | Happy Planner

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I am with my planner everyday, right?  I go to it when I have an idea, when I pay a bill, when I make an appointment...Basically anything! So of course I want it to be pretty and not have to look at the same thing every day! My original The Happy Planner had gold polka dots and I added my name to the bottom with my Silhouette CameoThat was good for awhile, but it is time for a change. I happened to get a GREAT deal on this Scotch Thermal Laminator pictured below. It is SO worth the investment because it has a ton of great uses for school, scrapbooking and of course planning!
It comes with the thermal pouches and you can also buy extras here
First design your cover. You can find templates on Pinterest and edit them in a program like Picmonkey to add your name or a quote you love. After that just print onto photo paper. I recommend the photo paper because it's thicker and the it's prints glossy so it makes the images pop.

So that the back of my cover wasn't blank, I cut a corresponding cover from this scrapbook paper.You could do this or just leave it blank, up to you-but I like patterns :) 

I used this corner rounder to round the corners of the cover. It's helpful to have and I think it looks better, but again not necessary.

Next, I used my original planner cover and put a dot where the holes are, so I would no where to punch them out. I just used a regular ol' hole punch, nothing fancy.

Then you cut 2 little snips in the middle of the hole and that should line everything up perfectly!

The laminator only takes a couple of minutes to warm up. You put it in a let it go, it feeds through the machine on it's own. I put it back through a second time, just to make sure it was sealed properly.
When you go to cut the edges, make sure you cut a little before the heat sealed line or you will open up the seal. I did the same thing for the back cover, but forgot to get a picture. I just used the scrapbook paper for that.
And VoilĂ !!
In love with this cover and super excited to make some holiday themed ones!

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Jan 23, 2017

12 Things That get ME Motivated to Workout

Working out is hard. It's hard to start and it's hard to keep up-but being overweight and unhappy with yourself is hard too. You just need to figure out which one you want to tackle.  

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While it is true that when you finish your workout you feel great. Happy, not hungry, like you could conquer anything BUT getting to the point of actually making yourself do it is the hard part. I'm going to share with you 12 things that get me super motivated to workout on my worst "I don't want to get off the couch" days.

1. Old pictures- Now, I don't mean crack open your yearbooks and gaze over 110lb you, just think of a time when you were happy and comfortable with your body to give you that little push. Hey, I looked like that once and I can do it again.

2. NEW SHOES!- I like to do this when I'm in a funk or when I've lost my way and need a little pick me up. Some running shoes are very costly, but you don't have to break the bank to buy some new shoes.  

3. Friends- Call or even text one of your friends. I'm sure they want you to succeed in your goals, maybe they are the reminder you need that you can do this.. 

4. Goal jeans- Do you have an old pair of your "skinny jeans" that you want to fit into again? Or maybe even a dress or romper that you can't quite zip. Take a picture of you in them now and keep up with your progress. It's a great feeling when you get them back on and comfortable. 

5. Plan- I use a Happy Plannerto organize all my weekly to-do and stay on top of things. Plan your workouts as well. I have some super helpful workout stickers for sale in my Etsy shop. (unlimited prints, too!)

6. Matching- This may sound weird but I feel ready to go when my workout gear is on point. I love funny workout tanks and a good pair of leggings. I keep my hair long and I hate when it get in my face, so I use sport headbands to keep it pulled back. 

7. Sharing- Social media is really great for the fitness world. Post a pic to your Instagram with progress pics or your workout of the day. A lot of time you will get praise from people you don't even know. Knowing someone is rooting for you or doing the same thing you are is a great reminder that you aren't alone in this.

8. Have a partner- Do you know someone else who is trying to better them selves? Grab a workout partner! Go for a walk with a neighbor, or join one of your friends at their gym. Check Groupon for deals in your area on fitness classes.

9. Motivational posts- Scroll through pinterest or Instagram to see motivational posts from others. Sometime there will be that one quote that sticks out and helps you achieve your goals for that day. Some good hash tags are #fitspo and #fitspoation. My friend used to save one to be the background on her phone as a daily reminder. 

10. Playlist- Make a playlist on your iTunes. Hey, why not make make several? One for 90's pop, rap, rock for lifting days...whatever YOU are into! Trust me a good playlist will go a long way when you're doing cardio.

11. Try something new- Maybe you're in a rut because you're doing the same ol' work out everyday. Look on YouTube for a TON of different workouts. You can search for a specific area or search cardio dance for various dances that are fun and burn calories!

12. Calendar- Keep a workout calendar or diary. Stay on top of your workouts and try to hit a goal for the week. Pre plan what you are going to do so you aren't guessing the day of 

Jan 18, 2017

Plan with me| UNICORNS!

**I'm now GIVING AWAY my printable Unicorn sticker sheet!

Were you in the Lisa Frank club when you were younger?? I WAS and I thought it was the coolest thing in the whole world. I wanted everything Lisa Frank made and I wanted to be one of the little girls in the Lisa Frank catalogs with the denim vests decked out in all LF apparel. 
That dream did not come true, but I do still love unicorns and rainbows because I can. The unicorn in LF was definitely in my top 3 and is what inspired these stickers I created. They can be purchased for UNLIMITED printing here.  Scroll down and get it for FREE!

When I printed my stickers, my paper actually got stuck in my printer and came out with black ink marks on the top....so that was a little annoying. I wasn't about to waste the sticker paper, so I used all of the ones that came out right. 

Do you love the "On Sundays we plan" zipper pouch? 

I always print my stickers using Avery sticker paper . I have a Cameo Silhouette, but it's so much faster and less hassle to just cut them by hand. I have some smaller scissors I normally use, but who knows where those are right now (probably in my daughter's room).

This week we had one school holiday, MLK day, so I was able to use my school stickers. I love these because there is ALWAYS something going on at the school that I need to remember.
Because I got the 6 month extension pack it doesn't have the number at the top, or the little calendar on the side. I actually like that because I don't have to washi tape everything.

The work stickers, as well as the workout stickers are my design. You can purchase them in my Etsy Shop for only $1.25! It's an instant download with unlimited printing! I go through these a lot since I need them weekly--so I'm sure other people are the same way. It's way cheaper to by the design and print them whenever you need to.

The skinny glittler washi tape is one of my favorites! I got it from Target in that wonderful dollar spot. I just love it, I wish I would have bought more and of course they sold out right after :(

You can print your own Unicorn planner stickers here! I want to see what you do with them, so tag me on IG @thatssopresh and use #thatsssopresh

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Jan 10, 2017

15 Fun Things to do with your Husband at Home

When we moved from Florida to Georgia, I knew one thing for sure...say goodbye to date nights. In Florida we only lived 10 minutes away from my parents, so if we wanted to have dinner or go see a movie it was pretty easy- now we are in a state with no family and no one that we know well enough to watch the girls. Sometimes that's really hard, but I have for the most part gotten used to it. My hubby works all the time from early in the morning until late at night and I work from home, but my shifts are also late so we only get our together time on his days off or if we stay up really late (which is usually what we do). Whether or situation is similar to mine, or you are just looking for some fun things to do with your partner, this list will definitely help!

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1. Cook together

It doesn't have to be dinner or anything fancy. It can be fun just being in the kitchen together baking some brownies or making a cake.

2. Watch a stand up comedy

This is kid of our go-to on Netflix, because sometime we watch different show or don't have time for a movie. Stand up comedy will have you laughing together while you relax. (Probably a good one for after the kids go to bed)

3. Play a board game

It could be something easy like checkers or a fun adult game like Cards Against Humanity. Even a simple deck of cards would give you a lot of different options!

4. Take a bath/shower together

For us it would have to be a bath, because our shower is wayyy too small for both of us haha. Again, this is about spending time together so it doesn't have to be fancy. We use our Bluetooth speaker to put on some music and maybe have some wine or even a beer-whatever you like.

5. Make a fire

Depending on the weather, of course a fire can be a nice way to relax together. My favorite thing to do with a fire is smores! But, not everyone has those items handy-so you could drink coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Just the two of you outside talking.

6. Have a "fancy" cheese and wine night

This one might take a little prep before hand. My hubby did this one night on his way home- He picked up a bottle of wine and prosciutto wrapped cheese and some crackers. We had a nice time sipping our wine and having a little snack.

7. Play a video game

Does your husband have a XBOX or PS4? Play a game with him, even if you don't know how I'm sure he would have fun showing you and you might kick his butt! Guitar Hero and Just Dance are fun too!

8. Play the "question game"

This is something I suggest doing a lot because I like it. All we do is take turns asking each other questions about different things. We have done this so much it's hard to think of new questions. If that is your problem do a test to see who knows who better.

9. Dream house hunt

Look online at dream houses. Show each other features you do or do not like. What is on your "must-haves" list? What would you do with each room? What kind of furniture would you get?

10. Make a fort

Everyone loves a good fort. Now that you're adults with bigger furniture and more blankets this could be epic, right??

11. Have a photoshoot inside

Get dressed up and have fun with your self timer taking "prom" pictures. Go goofy and wear each others clothes. Make photo props. Wear sunglasses and hats. BE CREATIVE it's just for fun!

12. Let him do your make up

Some guys might not be into this- and that's ok. If you can get him to do this, it could be a great laugh and probably produce some awesome pictures.

13. Have a "spa night"

Know any good DIY face masks or scrubs? Maybe those funny sheet masks Have fun goofing off and making a mess. Maybe he could paint your toenails or maybe he will let you pluck his eyebrow, err, eyebrows ;)

14. CLEAN!

I know, you're like "wow, she's really struggling to think of stuff towards the end", but I'm so serious. Sometimes we are just too tired. There are definitely days like that!! But, other times we actually have fun--yes, FUN, cleaning up before bed. We do this dishes- he puts them away I put the new ones in, or we fold the massive piles of laundry that seem to never go away. Having someone to help or laugh with make this more fun and go by quicker.

15. Scrapbook/Pictures

Ok, so if you or you guy are not into scrapbooking, you could go through some old photo albums, yearbooks, or even pictures on the computer. Nostalgic :)

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