Jan 31, 2017

DIY Checklist Dashboards | Happy Planner

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Just thought I would make this post as a part 2 to my DIY planner cover. I am finding a lot of new uses with this Scotch Thermal Laminator that I just recently took out of the box after having it for a good 6 months.

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For this project I used my ,pictured below. It really has a ton of uses and highly recommend it. It's small and can easily be stored if you're not using it all the time. You can purchase extra laminating pouches here

Using the same scrapbook paper, from my previous post, I cut the paper to the size of my planner and used a glue stick to paste on these cut outs that also came in the scrapbook paper-so useful!

I didn't want to do anything too elaborate, just simple and in coordinating colors. Also, if your make it too thick it won't laminate properly. I just happened to have this page of cut outs in my paper pack, but foiled stickers would look great too. Washi tape could be used to add lines or dividers, as well. 

When I liked what I had I used my corner rounder to round the corners of the dashboards. I like the way it looks, I use this thing all of the time!

I cut the holes for them to fit in the binder the same way I did for my planner cover. Just take an existing page or cover for your planner, place it on top and make little dots where your hole punch will go. Then, you snip the middle and it should fit perfectly in your planner!

Now they are ready to but in the laminating pouches. Be sure to leave enough room on either side and in the middle so they don't come apart when your cut them!

Run them through the laminator. I always do it twice, just for good measure :)

Cut and enjoy! So customizable and below I showed you some ways I use mine. You could also do some for menus, outfits, workouts, pretty much ANYTHING goes!

You can use a skinny dry erase marker on them, page tabs for quick reminders or post it notes :)

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