Jan 27, 2017

DIY Planner Cover | Happy Planner

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I am with my planner everyday, right?  I go to it when I have an idea, when I pay a bill, when I make an appointment...Basically anything! So of course I want it to be pretty and not have to look at the same thing every day! My original The Happy Planner had gold polka dots and I added my name to the bottom with my Silhouette CameoThat was good for awhile, but it is time for a change. I happened to get a GREAT deal on this Scotch Thermal Laminator pictured below. It is SO worth the investment because it has a ton of great uses for school, scrapbooking and of course planning!
It comes with the thermal pouches and you can also buy extras here
First design your cover. You can find templates on Pinterest and edit them in a program like Picmonkey to add your name or a quote you love. After that just print onto photo paper. I recommend the photo paper because it's thicker and the it's prints glossy so it makes the images pop.

So that the back of my cover wasn't blank, I cut a corresponding cover from this scrapbook paper.You could do this or just leave it blank, up to you-but I like patterns :) 

I used this corner rounder to round the corners of the cover. It's helpful to have and I think it looks better, but again not necessary.

Next, I used my original planner cover and put a dot where the holes are, so I would no where to punch them out. I just used a regular ol' hole punch, nothing fancy.

Then you cut 2 little snips in the middle of the hole and that should line everything up perfectly!

The laminator only takes a couple of minutes to warm up. You put it in a let it go, it feeds through the machine on it's own. I put it back through a second time, just to make sure it was sealed properly.
When you go to cut the edges, make sure you cut a little before the heat sealed line or you will open up the seal. I did the same thing for the back cover, but forgot to get a picture. I just used the scrapbook paper for that.
And Voilà!!
In love with this cover and super excited to make some holiday themed ones!

This site may contain affiliate links.


  1. Just gonna say....I used the regular ol’ Hole punch AFTER I tried to use my HP hole punch. When I used the HP punch, it jammed like nobody’s business! Lemme tell ya....that was a horrifying moment of ohmycrapwhathaveidone!! I had to take the hole punch apart to get the laminated sheet out, AND having to pul on it and it didn’t punch all the way through... it was ruined. So moral of my mistake...use the regular ol’ hole punch!!


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