Jan 29, 2017

Make your Mornings Easier with These Simple Tricks

I feel like I used to be a morning person, that is until my kids came a long. Come to think of it, that was so long ago, maybe I never really was a morning person, ha! One thing is for sure-I'm big on planning, lists and getting anything you can done earlier than needed.

Mornings can be hard, for Mom's it's even harder. You have to wake everyone up, clothe them, feed them, make sure they have everything they need and possibly get yourself ready too. Oh, and make sure you're out the door on time. Ummm, that just sounds exhausting-right? Here are some things I do to make our mornings as easy as they can be.


Do whatever you can the night before

This just saves a lot of extra running around in the morning that can easily be avoided. Then you aren't scrambling to remember all the little details because it's already done. Taking anything off the morning to-do list is a lifesaver.

Before you go to bed

  • Check homework
  • Sign anything/have money or notes ready to turn in to teachers 
  • Pack backpacks
  • Lay out kids clothes/shoes/jackets
  • Make lunches (things can be added in the morning, like chips or crackers)
  • Pick up around the house (I don't want to be tripping on last nights mess)
  • Wash the dishes (NO ONE likes waking up to dirty dishes)

Have a routine for the kids

Kids like routine. It might not seem like it, but it just helps the flow of things. Wake up. Breakfast. Get ready. Whatever works well with your family. That way they now what's going on and what to expect everyday.

Give yourself some time

This may mean waking up earlier-yuck! Depending on what you have to do, an extra 15min can help wonders. This gives me time to brush my teeth, but on my face cream, take my vitamins and throw on some clothes. If you work away from the home, I'm sure you already get up at a time that allows you to get ready. Having a little peace and quite will give you time to wake up and not be in a grumpy mood. Remember your coffee!

Set a time to leave by

This is so important. Leave by the same time everyday and make sure that time still allows room for traffic, weather..ect. I always leave the house at 7:50 and now that 8:00 is the latest I can leave by. The worst feeling is rushing around and still being late. Lord knows I don't want to get out of the car in the morning to walk my daughter inside because she is tardy; thankfully that has not happened knock on wood.

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