Jan 18, 2017

Plan with me| UNICORNS!

**I'm now GIVING AWAY my printable Unicorn sticker sheet!

Were you in the Lisa Frank club when you were younger?? I WAS and I thought it was the coolest thing in the whole world. I wanted everything Lisa Frank made and I wanted to be one of the little girls in the Lisa Frank catalogs with the denim vests decked out in all LF apparel. 
That dream did not come true, but I do still love unicorns and rainbows because I can. The unicorn in LF was definitely in my top 3 and is what inspired these stickers I created. They can be purchased for UNLIMITED printing here.  Scroll down and get it for FREE!

When I printed my stickers, my paper actually got stuck in my printer and came out with black ink marks on the top....so that was a little annoying. I wasn't about to waste the sticker paper, so I used all of the ones that came out right. 

Do you love the "On Sundays we plan" zipper pouch? 

I always print my stickers using Avery sticker paper . I have a Cameo Silhouette, but it's so much faster and less hassle to just cut them by hand. I have some smaller scissors I normally use, but who knows where those are right now (probably in my daughter's room).

This week we had one school holiday, MLK day, so I was able to use my school stickers. I love these because there is ALWAYS something going on at the school that I need to remember.
Because I got the 6 month extension pack it doesn't have the number at the top, or the little calendar on the side. I actually like that because I don't have to washi tape everything.

The work stickers, as well as the workout stickers are my design. You can purchase them in my Etsy Shop for only $1.25! It's an instant download with unlimited printing! I go through these a lot since I need them weekly--so I'm sure other people are the same way. It's way cheaper to by the design and print them whenever you need to.

The skinny glittler washi tape is one of my favorites! I got it from Target in that wonderful dollar spot. I just love it, I wish I would have bought more and of course they sold out right after :(

You can print your own Unicorn planner stickers here! I want to see what you do with them, so tag me on IG @thatssopresh and use #thatsssopresh

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