Jan 23, 2017

12 Things That get ME Motivated to Workout

Working out is hard. It's hard to start and it's hard to keep up-but being overweight and unhappy with yourself is hard too. You just need to figure out which one you want to tackle.  

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While it is true that when you finish your workout you feel great. Happy, not hungry, like you could conquer anything BUT getting to the point of actually making yourself do it is the hard part. I'm going to share with you 12 things that get me super motivated to workout on my worst "I don't want to get off the couch" days.

1. Old pictures- Now, I don't mean crack open your yearbooks and gaze over 110lb you, just think of a time when you were happy and comfortable with your body to give you that little push. Hey, I looked like that once and I can do it again.

2. NEW SHOES!- I like to do this when I'm in a funk or when I've lost my way and need a little pick me up. Some running shoes are very costly, but you don't have to break the bank to buy some new shoes.  

3. Friends- Call or even text one of your friends. I'm sure they want you to succeed in your goals, maybe they are the reminder you need that you can do this.. 

4. Goal jeans- Do you have an old pair of your "skinny jeans" that you want to fit into again? Or maybe even a dress or romper that you can't quite zip. Take a picture of you in them now and keep up with your progress. It's a great feeling when you get them back on and comfortable. 

5. Plan- I use a Happy Plannerto organize all my weekly to-do and stay on top of things. Plan your workouts as well. I have some super helpful workout stickers for sale in my Etsy shop. (unlimited prints, too!)

6. Matching- This may sound weird but I feel ready to go when my workout gear is on point. I love funny workout tanks and a good pair of leggings. I keep my hair long and I hate when it get in my face, so I use sport headbands to keep it pulled back. 

7. Sharing- Social media is really great for the fitness world. Post a pic to your Instagram with progress pics or your workout of the day. A lot of time you will get praise from people you don't even know. Knowing someone is rooting for you or doing the same thing you are is a great reminder that you aren't alone in this.

8. Have a partner- Do you know someone else who is trying to better them selves? Grab a workout partner! Go for a walk with a neighbor, or join one of your friends at their gym. Check Groupon for deals in your area on fitness classes.

9. Motivational posts- Scroll through pinterest or Instagram to see motivational posts from others. Sometime there will be that one quote that sticks out and helps you achieve your goals for that day. Some good hash tags are #fitspo and #fitspoation. My friend used to save one to be the background on her phone as a daily reminder. 

10. Playlist- Make a playlist on your iTunes. Hey, why not make make several? One for 90's pop, rap, rock for lifting days...whatever YOU are into! Trust me a good playlist will go a long way when you're doing cardio.

11. Try something new- Maybe you're in a rut because you're doing the same ol' work out everyday. Look on YouTube for a TON of different workouts. You can search for a specific area or search cardio dance for various dances that are fun and burn calories!

12. Calendar- Keep a workout calendar or diary. Stay on top of your workouts and try to hit a goal for the week. Pre plan what you are going to do so you aren't guessing the day of 

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