Mar 16, 2017

Spring Cleaning | What to throw out?

Even though as I'm writing this it is 25 degrees outside, I'm almost certain that spring is coming, right? I had to change my clock forward for daylight savings time, so *yawn* something better be happening soon. I used to have a hard time letting stuff go, but after having to move 3 different times in the past 4 years I have realized there are PLENTY of things I can let go of.

During Christmas the girls get a lot of new toys, so from then until now I try to see what toys they start to not play with as much so we can clean house-literally. Their toys are a great place to start, but there is a ton of stuff in my house (& yours)  that I'm sure aren't needed or being used anymore.

The other great thing about doing this is, besides getting organized is that you can sell some of the things you don't want/need anymore that are still in good shape. Yard sale, Varage Sale app, Ebay, local consignment stores, Kid2Kid...the list goes on. Might as well make some extra bucks if you're going to do all this work. 

Here are some great places to start:

1. File cabenit ( old bills, receipts, paperwork...)
2. Out of date magazines
3. Books 
4. Old jewelry you don't wear
5. earrings with no match
6. Pens/markers that don't work
7. Old cell phones/cameras
8. CDs/DVDs
9. Makeup that's out of date or almost gone
10. Out of date hair products
11. Out of date sunscreen and lotions
12. Any clothing with holes or stains
13. Mismatched socks
14. Scarfs you don't wear
15. Shoes & clothes you havent worn in a year
16. Expired coupons
17. Old change purses
18. Purses you don't use
19. Stained sheets/pillow cases
20. Old curtains
21. Plastic cups you have too many of
22. Jars & vases
23. Boxes
24. Worn out towels
25. Old cell phone cases/chargers
26. Unknown cables
27. Staines and worn dishtowels
28. Old makeup brushes
29. Old backpacks/lunch boxes
30. Christmas lights that don't work
31. Christmas decor you don't use
32. Any other decor you don't use
33. Hair bows/ headbands you don't wear anymore
34. Broken toys
35. Happy meal toys
36. Old stickers/paint/crafts
37. Expired medicine 
38. Worn flower pots
39. Old under garments
40. Old calendars/notebooks/planners

I hope this gives you a great place to start with cleaning and organizing your home. 

What are some things you do when it's time to spring clean?

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