Jun 25, 2017

Your Kids NEED These For Your Next Disney Trip!

     Going to Disney is a fun & magical time, no matter how old you are! One fun (and exhausting) part of the planning is choosing what to wear. 

     You have to have at least one picture of everyone matching in all their Disney glory! I have some of the cutest collections I put together from my Etsy shop.

Minnie Mouse

Park Related


Disney Jr.

Baby's First


Thanks so much for looking, I hope you are as excited about these as I am. If you go to my shop and something is out of stock, keep checking back because I am always updating my items!

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Jun 10, 2017


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I know my daughter works hard during the school year and definitely deserves a break, but a break does not mean she's get s to be lazy everyday! I have created the summer rules list to help keep her on track with her schedule and make sure she's stays on track while still having fun!

I was always excited for summer break! I didn't have to wake up early or do homework? Sign me up! Back then there were no tablets, hell there was barely computers! Now all kids want is a tablet, some slime and a fidget spinner...I know I don't get it either, BUT at least with this printable you know they are getting what they need. With my daughters I also limit their tablet time, but of course that is a personal preference. You can get a timer for their room, or set an alarm on your own phone to know when time is up. There are a ton of great educational apps, so I don't think tablets are awful but everything should be in moderation including TV and video games.

You can download the printable here.

I recommend laminating this so the can check off the items with a dry erase marker, but if you can't do that regular computer paper or cardstock will work just fine :)

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