Jul 27, 2017

Grove Collaborative | Is it right for you?

I came across Grove Co. from a Facebook ad, surprisingly. It's probably because I'm guilty of looking up Mrs. Meyers products. I decided to look into it and after going back and forth for 2 days I finally placed my first order.

Grove Co. is a monthly subscription box for eco friendly cleaning supplies that allows you to choose what is in your order and how frequently it arrives.

I think the eco friendly products are great, but if I'm being honest what really caught my eye was the free, yes free, Mrs. Meyers products on my first purchase. The products I got were :
  • Mrs. Meyers hand soap
  • Mrs. Meyers dish soap
  • Grove kitchen towel 
  • Full Circle dish brush
  • Walnut scrubber sponges
I was actually supposed to get other stuff but my offer expired because I waited too long, but I'm still totally happy with what I got. Just make sure not to let your offer run out! The original offer is $20 of products and you only spend about $20 (depending on what you choose). This offer gives you 60 days VIP trial membership which means 2 months of free shipping. 

If you decide to purchase the VIP package it's about $40-$80 a year depending on if you have coupon codes and such. This gets you free shipping all year and that pays for itself after 2 months!

The packaging was nice, nothing crazy but it got the job done. It took a little while to ship, but I got it within a week and half.


So, after your first month Grove will send you a few emails to remind you of your next shipment, which will bill and ship automatically. You can log into your account and edit the products you want and don't want. You can even put a month on hold if you're good on all your products and don't need anything. 

Another thing to mention is Grove offers a price match guarantee, just in case you find a product cheaper somewhere else. Chances are you won't though, because their prices are great and they tell you how much you save. So bottom line, if these are products you already use this is definitely a great deal for the year! If you are trying to get out cheaper you can do the 2 month trial, spend about $40 and then cancel your membership! Try Grove, you won't regret it. 

Jul 23, 2017

The BEST Side Hustles to Earn Extra Cash

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I love finding ways to make or save some extra money. Having 2 girls means there is always a some kind of miscellaneous expense! School, clothes or extracurricular activities...the list goes on. I WFH part time, but who says no to extra money, right?

Whatever it is that you need some extra money for, these side hustles are sure to bring some extra income your way!


You can set up one at your house or collaborate with a friend or family member and make a bigger sale. Our neighborhood has 2 a year and some people I know have rummage sales at their church too. It's a great way to make extra money, clear up some space and you can donate what you don't sell so that you keep the free space!


Maybe you have a hobby of making jewelry or you do some graphic design on the side, you could be making money from this! It's free to open an Etsy shop and you get 40 FREE listings. Depending on the work you put into your shop this can bring in a lot of extra money for you. I learned a lot in my my first year and I'd love to share some secrets with you.


This is not just for 16 year olds or college students. There are always parents looking for a reliable babysitter! Try putting an add or Facebook so people you know see that you are willing to do it. If everything works out, chances are you will be the first person they think of when they need a sitter again! Babysitters can make $10-$15 an hr and it's possible if you have kids they can all just play together. 


I just found out about this one about a year ago! Ibotta is an app that you can earn cash back from everyday grocery purchases! Select your favorite stores, see what products are being offered and just take a picture of your receipt and send it in. Most purchases are verified the very next day! Download the app and get $10 with code gcwtdia. You can transfer your funds to PayPal or select from different gift cards Ibotta offers. Earn your first $10 now.


Maybe you have some great family recipes or you are awesome with fondant - either way you can earn some extra moola making cupcake's, cookies or cakes for birthdays, baby showers or bridal showers.


Start a Facebook group or let your neighbors know you are offering services to clean houses. Make a digital flyer with your rate and pass them out!


Not into cleaning houses? You could housesit for your neighbors when they go out of town. People will also pay extra when that includes taking care of their pets!


Speaking of pets, dog walking is an easy way to earn a few bucks for owners that may work long hours and not be able to walk their dogs as frequently as they would like.


You can sell things through Facebook marketplace for free. Just snap a pic, describe your item and you can set up a meet with someone in your city. Easy and no fees! You can also use the apps LetGo, VarageSale, or OfferUp.


We have a store in our city called Kid2Kid that allows you to bring in clothes, shoes and toys for you to sell to the store. They look through your items while you browse the store and then they offer you cash or store credit for  the items they choose to take in! They will also donate the items they don't take if you do not want them back. There is and adult version called Uptown Cheapskate and Plato's Closet. See if there is some in your area!

Jul 17, 2017

Stay Productive While Your Kids Are Home

Believe it or not, it IS possible to get things done while your kids are home.

I have been fortunate enough to stay home with my girls. The first 6 years I worked part time outside of the home and my Mom watched the girls while I was away. After we moved away from my family from Florida to Georgia *tear* I had no idea how I was going to get anything done. I ended up getting a WFH job and was able to stay with the girls and still pull in money. Not easy, but we made it work!

It doesn't matter if you work inside or outside of the home or if you're a SAHM, these are helpful for you and fun for your kids, yay!


Move the coffee table, put a bunch of pillows and blankets on the floor, make popcorn and let your kids watch a movie. Even if it's Frozen, even if you have to hear that damn song one more time. At least you know they will be busy long enough for you to get some quick chores done.


This is funny, right? Magical dishes and unicorn laundry? Not quite. Have your kids help you sort the laundry or hand you the coat hangers one at a time. Most kids love feeling like the big helper, especially if they're helping Mommy!


I usually do this with Play Doh in the kitchen. I have a place mat type thing that I put out, and get all the Play Doh and accessories out and just let them play while I do the dishes or whatever else needs to be done in the kitchen


This is good when the kids are getting a little stir crazy or maybe if you have some yard work to get done. I put a picnic blanket out underneath a tree in our yard and pack some fun little snacks for the girls to eat. Finger sandwiches, goldfish, fruit snacks, brownies, fruit all kinds of goodies! They put on their sunglasses, we start playing some music and have a good time!


Exercising is very hard with kids, I don't care what anyone says. You have to make it a priority, pretty annoying if you ask me. One good way to get in some exercise is to go on a walk. Our neighborhood has nice sidewalks, so we usually just walk there but other options are parks, tracks at a recreation center, or even the mall. Depending on your kids ages they can bike or ride their scooters too.


When it's bath time, I wash my daughter's hair and clean her down first- then she plays with her toys and uses bath paint to pain the walls. During this time you can do some maintenance cleaning in the bathroom (counters, cabinets, folding towels, clean the mirror...) or if you have a blog or business from home you can check emails, do some marketing on social media, or check your stats. 


Nap time is special. If your child still takes a nap (my does not) it can be the golden couple of hours you need. I recommend one of two things. Either get that one thing done that you know will be difficult while your child is awake or lay down and take a nap yourself! If your child is like both of mine and stopped taking naps very early then you are kind of out of luck on the golden 2hrs. 

Jul 12, 2017

Keeping Your Kids Safe on Musically

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My 9 year old daughter introduced me to Musically. All her friends had it, it was fun. She loved lip-syncing and editing her videos. I though it was cute, so I made myself a profile and let her use it - no harm done, right? WRONG. Keep reading to see what I discovered and my honest review of the privacy settings. 


Musically is an app for creating and sharing 15 second (or less) videos of popular songs and sound bites. You can edit the videos by speeding them up or slowing them down, filters and adding text or stickers.
Users on Musically are called "Musers". There is a main feed of recent videos that Musers can browse through and watch. They can like, comment and share these videos. They can also start a duet with that user or use the song or clip and make their own video. 


  • Encourages creativity 
  • Connects Musers with their friends
  • Boosts confidence
  • It's fun and silly


  • DM or direct message feature cannot be disabled - unknown Musers can DM you 
  • Songs and sound clips cannot be filtered, so there is explicit language and adult content
  • Musers worry about their fan count and how many likes are on a video
  • Profiles are automatically set to public
  • Location services are on and show who is in your city
  • Videos can be shared to other social media by other Musers
  • Explicit video from other Musers can be easily found, even if you aren't searching


I visited the privacy setting to see what I could change or filter. I highly recommend doing this to make the account safer. Remember accounts are automatically set to public with location services on, you must change these settings manually. Even with a private account other Musers can still see your bio and possibly find you on other social media. 


It is a fun app and I can definitely see why it's so popular, I just wish there were a safer version. If you decide to let your child use this app, I believe it should be heavily monitored. Talk to them about what you expect from their videos and what they are allowed and not allowed to do and share. The app is recommended for 13+ and I think even that is iffy because of the content shared - also note birth date is not asked for when registering. We have deleted the app from her tablet because even with the privacy setting, I still believe it's inappropriate. Sorry Musers!

Jul 10, 2017

300+ Sales on Etsy | 10 Things I Wish I Knew When I started

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Are you thinking about opening up your own Etsy shop? I technically opened my shop in 2014, I though oh cool I will just post these on here and they will sell like hotcakes...not exactly. I found out there was WAY more to it than that, so I quit. I know, I know...but at the time I really wasn't committed.

 Fast forward to August 2016 & I was ready to start again! I had still been making stuff for people here and there on Facebook, but nothing serious. I went all in - researched everything I could on Pinterest from other blogs and I started over; re-branded my logo, put actual methods and plans into place and set goals for what I wanted to achieve, crazy right? Almost a year later and I am very happy with my progress considering I have a part time ob and 2 kids that keep me on my toes.

I was clueless in 2014, but now that I feel like I know what I'm doing I want to share my advice to new coming shop owners! 


Look up related products on Easy from other sellers and compare them to what you will be selling. What is the price range? What do the best pictures look like? Which sellers come up first in the search? Do these sellers have a lot of sales already? What variations do they offer> What title did they use for their listing?

Use these other top sellers as inspiration. Do not copy shop policies, or item descriptions. It’s wrong and it always sounds better when you put your own spin on things. Nobody knows more about your product than you. 

*Be sure to not use the very top listings as an example because they are paid ads. Not to say these products aren’t great, but the listings under that are what you should be looking at. 


Pretend you are buying your product from Easy, what do you type in the search bar? Let’s say you want to find a hair bow for your daughter for an upcoming Disney trip. What do you type in? Minnie Mouse hair bow? Disney hair bow? Disney World hair accessory? Minnie Mouse hairbow?All of these are different, but could still possibly send you to the same hair bow. When titling your listings be sure to add as many descriptive words as you can from a buyer’s point of view. What would you search for if you were buying your item?


I’ve heard that once you have 100 items in your shop, it makes you sell more. I don’t know how true that really is. I do know you should be trying to add at least 1 item per week to your shop to stay fresh and active. Customers want to return seeing fun, new items not the same things they saw last time. 


Really make your item look nice, you want people to purchase it, right? Don’t throw it on your floor and take a picture with your cell phone. Try to make a simple backdrop or always take your photos in the same area so your pictures look uniformed. 

Natural light is best, over exposed photos can take away from the product. I use the basic photo editor on my Mac and it works just fine, you don’t have to spend a lot of time editing your pictures if you make sure to get some good shots. It’s also best to use all 5 slots Easy gives you to show off your item. Customers like to know what they are purchasing and how well it is made. 


Don't get me wrong, having variations for your products is a good thing-just don't over do it with too many choices. It's good to offer several different colors, but when a customer sees a picture with 10 different shades of pink it can be a little overwhelming. If it's something important that they need a special color or style in, they will contact you and you can help them from there.

Too many choices


Popular choices, looks less cluttered 


The customer is always right...you've heard it a million times before and when it comes to running a business, it really is the best practice. For example: I have had customers message me to ask for my item at a cheaper price (you wouldn't do this at Wal Mart, would you?) so then I, *deep breath*, tell them my prices are non-negotiable, but I do offer a 15% off discount code on my website when you sign up for my newsletter. That way I give a little, and still get a new email subscriber. Everyone wins. 


This can be on a sticker, a handwritten note or a part of the auto message Etsy sends whenever an order is placed. I used to ask on the back of my business cards, but as orders started to pick up there wasn't as much time for that. I made some cute little cards and printed them on cardstock. I include one in every order, and I think it really works. 


Social media is great because it's free marketing and there are a ton of different ways you can do it. Pictures, graphics, sharing listings, customer reviews, going live, and videos.  Be sure you have a social media account for your business on different platforms. I use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Try to have all the same handles, so it's easy for your customers to find you. Ex: my instagram is @thatssopresh, but my Twitter is @thatssopresh_, because that's the closest that was available.

>>Learn how to grow your Pinterest here<< 


Every couple of weeks go through your listings and make sure everything looks good. Maybe you were in a rush and had some typos or there was a tag you didn't think of when you first listed your item. It's always a good idea to go back and tweak a few things. Make sure your inventory numbers match up, your pictures are on point and you have the correct shipping profile. 


Even though your sales are tracked on Etsy, I recommend keeping track of your numbers separately. I track the date, item sold and price and then total it at the end of the month. I also track how much Etsy pays me per month and how much my monthly fees are. For me it gives a better overall of how much I'm really making. 

Jul 6, 2017

The quickest way to grow your Pinterest!

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 So you have a Pinterest account and you think it's great. All your boards are labeled, you have some of the best and most interesting pins...but why do you have less that 100 followers? 

Because you don't have my secret weapon, Tailwind! Read more to find out why you NEED this in your life!

Pinterest is fun - addicting even. But, when you're using it to promote your blog or business, it can be quite time consuming. I am a busy mama, so as much as I would love to pin, pin, pin, that's just not going to happen. By having my pins scheduled to post for me it makes things SO much easier and I can still hop on Pinterest when I want to without having to worry about getting all my pins in for the day. This is all thanks to Tailwind.

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is a website and phone app that allows you to schedule pins for days, weeks, and months in advance. We're talking pins on pins on pins. It is a paid app with different plans available, but keep reading and I will help you get it for FREE. #happydance

The basics of Tailwind

Tailwind connects to your Pinterest account and allows you to add pins to a que. The que has the optimal time that you should be pinning according to your specific account. I recommend downloading the extension for your browser and I promise it will save a ton of time! (this can be done for your phone app too) That way you can schedule your bulk pins straight from Pinterest! Super easy, right?

Spend 15-20mins doing this and BOOM you're all scheduled for a whole week. You can shuffle them, change the board location and even re-pin them if you see it did well before. 

By pinning at the times that they provide for you, it is growing your followers, getting you more re-pins and in turn putting your name all over Pinterest!


If you aren't convinced and just want to give Tailwind a try to see what it can do for you, sign up HERE and get your first 100 pins for free!! I know this will save you so much time, you will be hooked! 


Yassss! There is a month to month plan where you still get 400 pins per month, which is A LOT, but if you really want to go for maximum growth you can get their annual plan that has unlimited pinning. The possibilities are endless with this!

Are you ready to skyrocket your Pinterest account? Try Tailwind today!

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