Jul 12, 2017

Keeping Your Kids Safe on Musically

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My 9 year old daughter introduced me to Musically. All her friends had it, it was fun. She loved lip-syncing and editing her videos. I though it was cute, so I made myself a profile and let her use it - no harm done, right? WRONG. Keep reading to see what I discovered and my honest review of the privacy settings. 


Musically is an app for creating and sharing 15 second (or less) videos of popular songs and sound bites. You can edit the videos by speeding them up or slowing them down, filters and adding text or stickers.
Users on Musically are called "Musers". There is a main feed of recent videos that Musers can browse through and watch. They can like, comment and share these videos. They can also start a duet with that user or use the song or clip and make their own video. 


  • Encourages creativity 
  • Connects Musers with their friends
  • Boosts confidence
  • It's fun and silly


  • DM or direct message feature cannot be disabled - unknown Musers can DM you 
  • Songs and sound clips cannot be filtered, so there is explicit language and adult content
  • Musers worry about their fan count and how many likes are on a video
  • Profiles are automatically set to public
  • Location services are on and show who is in your city
  • Videos can be shared to other social media by other Musers
  • Explicit video from other Musers can be easily found, even if you aren't searching


I visited the privacy setting to see what I could change or filter. I highly recommend doing this to make the account safer. Remember accounts are automatically set to public with location services on, you must change these settings manually. Even with a private account other Musers can still see your bio and possibly find you on other social media. 


It is a fun app and I can definitely see why it's so popular, I just wish there were a safer version. If you decide to let your child use this app, I believe it should be heavily monitored. Talk to them about what you expect from their videos and what they are allowed and not allowed to do and share. The app is recommended for 13+ and I think even that is iffy because of the content shared - also note birth date is not asked for when registering. We have deleted the app from her tablet because even with the privacy setting, I still believe it's inappropriate. Sorry Musers!


  1. Great post! My little cousins use this app and I don't think they realize the
    dangers of using this. I'm gonna have to change their privacy settings and
    if it gets out of hand. I'm probably going to have to delete the app as well.

    Misao | lovemimi.co

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  4. To start out with, ALL social media apps the recommended age is 13+, because at that age you are mature enough to hear explicit content. Secondly, accounts are automatically set to public because it is social media, and other people can ONLY see it if you have it linked.Thirdly, if you do have a problem with the dms, block the user who is causing the prob lem; once again it is a social media app! I don't understand why everyone is complaining about privacy settings when you can edit them to what you like. What I also don't understand is either people's comments when you haven't seen/witnessed it first hand. I personally love musically!!

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