Jul 17, 2017

Stay Productive While Your Kids Are Home

Believe it or not, it IS possible to get things done while your kids are home.

I have been fortunate enough to stay home with my girls. The first 6 years I worked part time outside of the home and my Mom watched the girls while I was away. After we moved away from my family from Florida to Georgia *tear* I had no idea how I was going to get anything done. I ended up getting a WFH job and was able to stay with the girls and still pull in money. Not easy, but we made it work!

It doesn't matter if you work inside or outside of the home or if you're a SAHM, these are helpful for you and fun for your kids, yay!


Move the coffee table, put a bunch of pillows and blankets on the floor, make popcorn and let your kids watch a movie. Even if it's Frozen, even if you have to hear that damn song one more time. At least you know they will be busy long enough for you to get some quick chores done.


This is funny, right? Magical dishes and unicorn laundry? Not quite. Have your kids help you sort the laundry or hand you the coat hangers one at a time. Most kids love feeling like the big helper, especially if they're helping Mommy!


I usually do this with Play Doh in the kitchen. I have a place mat type thing that I put out, and get all the Play Doh and accessories out and just let them play while I do the dishes or whatever else needs to be done in the kitchen


This is good when the kids are getting a little stir crazy or maybe if you have some yard work to get done. I put a picnic blanket out underneath a tree in our yard and pack some fun little snacks for the girls to eat. Finger sandwiches, goldfish, fruit snacks, brownies, fruit all kinds of goodies! They put on their sunglasses, we start playing some music and have a good time!


Exercising is very hard with kids, I don't care what anyone says. You have to make it a priority, pretty annoying if you ask me. One good way to get in some exercise is to go on a walk. Our neighborhood has nice sidewalks, so we usually just walk there but other options are parks, tracks at a recreation center, or even the mall. Depending on your kids ages they can bike or ride their scooters too.


When it's bath time, I wash my daughter's hair and clean her down first- then she plays with her toys and uses bath paint to pain the walls. During this time you can do some maintenance cleaning in the bathroom (counters, cabinets, folding towels, clean the mirror...) or if you have a blog or business from home you can check emails, do some marketing on social media, or check your stats. 


Nap time is special. If your child still takes a nap (my does not) it can be the golden couple of hours you need. I recommend one of two things. Either get that one thing done that you know will be difficult while your child is awake or lay down and take a nap yourself! If your child is like both of mine and stopped taking naps very early then you are kind of out of luck on the golden 2hrs. 

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  1. Nice ideas! So hard not to go stir crazy so the post is helpful.
    And goodness do we need to try to get them outside! Extra star next to that one!!
    Lovely and helpful. So glad I stopped by!


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